I’ve been skating on the thin ice of Instagram’s community guidelines for the past three years. And now it suddenly broke – my Instagram account is no more. Years of work are gone with it. To avoid this happening in the future, I’ve decided to rely on this very website and newsletters instead.

Every once in a while I’d have my photos containing nude women — although properly and carefully self-censored (no nipples etc) according to the guidelines — removed by Instagram’s algorithm accompanied with threats that my account will eventually get disabled. It finally happened around two weeks ago and it seems to be final.

After the initial shock and attempts at getting it back through the dysfunctional appeal mechanism, I’ve decided to embrace this as an opportunity and to stop feeding the Meta beast with my free content. The community guidelines hypocrisy is blinding – highly sexual content is freely available on Instagram, whereas artwork containing nudity is banned. Enough is enough.

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Let’s not allow Facebook and Instagram to get between us. Let’s stop the war on the female nipple.

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